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Getting Started

Create Your Venue Listings

Follow these simple steps to get your business/venue listing up and running.

User Register or Sign In

Creating a profile is an essential process to gain access to your dashboard, this is the “hub” for all of your business tools and listings.

Create Your Profile

The first step in creating your business or event listing is to Sign In or Register. You can create an account using your own name or create a profile for your business.

Once you have created a profile you can then edit your personal or business information on your dashboard. Until you create a business or product listing, all you will have access to in your dashboard is your profile, bookmarked listings and any reviews you have left for other businesses.

Select Your Plan

There are three (3) pricing plans for business listings. If you are unsure where to get started you can always begin on a Free plan and upgrade at any time should you require additional features on your listing.

After you have signed in, select Add Listing from within your dashboard or from the top navigation bar of the site.

For Business Owners, If you have multiple locations it is best advised to create multiple listings for each business location, discounts are available in such cases.

For Event Promoters, you must create a detailed listing page for each event and then use the Events tab to add additional information about the event such as dates, external ticket link (optional), special early bird deals or a very brief description – no more than 240 characters, for viewers to share easily on social media.

Create Your Listing

Prelifestyles provides an easy to use submission form for creating and publishing your business or product listing.

This form allows you to enter important information about your business or product. We have tried to make this process easy for you by automating the population of data using Google APIs, so give Fill-O-Bot a try!

It is recommended that you complete as much information as possible including opening hours, FAQs, tags and keywords as all of this will help in search results.

Most importantly, don’t forget to select all categories that apply to your business or product (including the primary categories) and ensure that you upload a correctly formatted logo, High Resolution and attractive feature image and gallery image(s). Remember, a picture speaks a thousand words.

Publish and Pay

Now that you’ve created your listing and you’re satisfied with the layout it’s time to publish!

Make your subscription payment via Stripe ( via Credit/Debit Card). When making payment via Stripe, your listing will be live as soon as the payment has been processed. 

Edit Your Listing

Once your lisitng is published, edit your existing business or event listing with our easy to use form. This form allows you to update your information so that it’s always current. If you wish to take advantage of the additional features offered in the Starter or Pro plans you can easily upgrade at any time.